Spring in Vermont

Snowfall on our first day of spring. Lots of old snow still on the ground in our backyard. Click on photo to enlarge.

It’s springtime in Vermont! Sort-of.

This past weekend I was pruning apple trees with only a light jacket, basking in the warm sun. Today, it’s snowing—helping push me out the door…to San Diego and my Southwestern bicycle trip.

Two more days.

It’s been a long winter here—a great winter for those of us who like snowshoeing and cross-country (or downhill) skiing. But today’s the first full day of spring. I understand that crocuses have been spotted in the area. I’ve been enjoying leaving off my high rubber boots as I take the compost out to our compost bin. I’m ready for spring. On Wednesday, I’ll leave the white behind and fly to San Diego to begin my adventures.

To follow up on my last blog, I’ll be traveling with a new 13-inch MacBook Air computer (purchased last Friday) and its various electronic cousins and accoutrements that will keep me connected during my travels. I added up five different battery chargers that I’m bringing along, for Pete’s sake!

Am I ready for long days of biking over mountains? Not a chance. But sometimes you have to just hold your breath and take the leap into the deep end of the pool!

Our house

The piles of snow around our house have been melting, but that melting met a setback today. Click on photo to enlarge.

Roxy will miss the snow; I might not. Click on photo to enlarge.